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Privacy Statement

This site uses tracking software to compile aggregate statistics on the number and type of internet visitors. We use this data to generate reports on the number of persons visiting the various sections of the site. We also use it to better determine the technical standards (browser type, screen resolution etc.) that our target audience is using.

This web site uses no cookies.

We store demographic and technical information for everybody that registers for one of our webcasts. This information allows us to anticipate the number of attendees for our live webcasts. It also provides an easy way for us to communicate updates and changes to scheduled events. The technical data that we collect permits us to provide better technical assistance if you encounter problems. It also provides us with useful data to help us to develop new features or modify existing technical standards. Please email us at if you have registered for one of our webcasts and would like to be removed from our database.

If you participate in a live webcast that requires registration and log in, we generate reports that contain certain information about your participation: when you connected and disconnected; any messages that you sent during the webcast; how you responded to poll questions that were asked during the webcast.

If you evaluate a webcast or an archived event, this information remains anonymous. The evaluation database is completely separate from the registration database, so we have no way of identifying who responded to the evaluation questions and what their responses were.

No information that we collect is ever passed on to third parties. We keep all data in secure server locations.