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CADE’s strength comes from its ability to mobilize and integrate expertise across its production groups: Web Design and Project Management; Multimedia and Webcasting; Research Data Management; Information Technology; and Public Health Preparedness. This integration capacity permits the Center to deliver services that incorporate features drawing from a wide variety of specialized activities. CADE’s projects blend programming, webcasting, web design, instructional design, data analysis, and learning/knowledge management system creation and development.

CADE’s Director, Dr. Colleen Monahan, has pioneered the incorporation of internet technologies in various areas of the health sciences. Dr. Monahan is also Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Division of Community Health Sciences in the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has extensive experience producing online education for public health professionals. Dr. Monahan is a physician with a background in epidemiology, multimedia, web development and programming.

Production Groups

Web Design and Project Management is responsible for the design of web sites, the programming of applications, and for client and project management. The group has expertise in project management, information architecture, graphic design, web usability, accessibility and instructional design. Skilled ASP, ASP.NET and Java programmers develop systems and applications.

Multimedia and Webcasting specializes in online audio-video streaming, live interactive presentation webcasting, remote location recording, and multimedia production for the web, DVD, CD-ROM, and video.

Research Data Management assists in the online collection, storage, analysis, and presentation of data. The group supports research data projects through the development of databased internet applications (such as online surveys and online data entry pages), and provides customized online reporting tools with SAS/IntrNet.

Public Health Preparedness provides content and programmatic expertise related to the area of public health, particularly in regards to emergency preparedness and response activities. The group also supports the development of CADE's learning management system, and identifies, promotes and assists in the development of innovative training tools within the public health community.

Information Technology provides programming and software architecture expertise, maintains CADE’s subnet of servers, ensures data security and protection, and supports the Center’s hardware and software environment.

Support Groups

Business Administration manages CADE’s financial analysis, project billing, and employee hiring and resource administration.