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Web Design and Development

The Web Design and Development group is responsible for the design and development of web sites, and also for client and project management. The group’s personnel has expertise in project coordination, information architecture, graphic design, web usability, accessibility and instructional design. Skilled ASP, ASP.NET and Java programmers develop systems and applications.

These creative individuals direct a project from initiation through development to completion. An eye for detail, a clear vision, and the ability to orchestrate the interests and requirements of multiple stakeholders and production personnel are fundamental to this role. Web Design andDevelopment staff act as project managers on most of CADE’s projects.

The group’s programmers generate the core functionality behind CADE’s online systems. These applications incorporate sophisticated features with complex back-end programming, but they are designed to be presented using clean, user-friendly interfaces. The programmers adhere to a rigorous testing and implementation process prior to launching or rolling out a system. They cross-collaborate to ensure programming consistency and shared quality assurance standards.

Web Design and Development staff also:

  • Design, code and create web sites
  • Conduct face-to-face and virtual training of systems
  • Provide technical writing expertise
  • Develop wireframes and sitemaps
  • Liaise with clients to determine project parameters
  • Schedule and lead development and production meetings
  • Establish and implement standards for accessibility compliance
  • Incorporate web site search engine optimization
  • Program applications to integrate with legacy systems
  • Implement planning, testing, and quality assurance procedures
  • Manage project workflow
  • Ensure that projects remain within their scope, timeframe, and budget
  • Coordinate with external vendors, client programmers/IT staff and contractors
  • Write progress reports and summaries
  • Provide technical and creative vision
  • Present knowledgeable feedback and expertise to existing clients and partners