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Multimedia and Webcasting Production

Production Studio

CADE’s production studio is fully equipped for live video production and sound booth audio recording. The studio includes facilities for capturing remote audio and video and streaming it over the internet. Two Polycom 512 units provide ISDN and IP videoconferencing. A ten-foot satellite dish can downlink any North American C- or Ku-band signal. Two Gentner telephone couplers permit capturing or sending audio via a telephone. A ProTools hardware device captures audio directly into digital file format. Two full AV racks allow input/output in DVCAM, DV and S-VHS video formats. Six Hewlett Packard networked workstations enable the monitoring and managing of two simultaneous live webcasts.

Production Equipment

CADE has an extensive inventory of video and audio production equipment. This includes digital still and video cameras, switchers, lighting, cables, microphones, tripods and mixers. We have full travel capabilities to permit field production from any location.

Video and Audio Editing Studios

CADE’s video editing studio has four workstations in both Mac and PC platforms. Two workstations have AVID Express DV with Mojo for video editing for the web. A compositing workstation permits motion graphic rendering and effects using Adobe After Effects, as well as CD-ROM interface construction using Macromedia Authorware.

The audio editing suite has Digidesign ProTools 24 MIX+ connected to a Human User Interface (HUI) and two Digidesign ProTools 001 workstations. These are routed to DAT recorders, minidisk recorders, cassette recorders, a telephone coupler, CD player and compressor/limiters.

CADE production studio


CADE satellite dish


CADE sound engineer