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Webcasting and Multimedia Production

CADE has been streaming video and audio over the web since 1997. We bring a wealth of expertise and creative and technical insight to our webcasting and multimedia projects. Our webcast services are performed by premier media specialists using state-of-the-art digital production facilities.

To meet the specific interests of its target audience, CADE has developed its own full-feature webcasting and webconferencing system: CADEmedia. CADEmedia integrates registration, event delivery, archiving, technical support, evaluation and reporting. It is designed to deliver complex presentations to a wide audience in a manner that is not technologically intimidating to the end user. CADEmedia is database-driven and customizable, resulting in a flexible presentation delivery mechanism that can meet a variety of training and communication needs. Our live webcasts can be archived and integrated seamlessly with dynamic web sites.

CADE devises a media delivery approach to match the outcome objectives of each project or event. We regularly run synchronous online collaborations, operate international videoconferences and audioconferences, and develop self-launching multimedia CD-ROMs and DVDs. CADE frequently travels to record and archive conferences online.

Contact Colleen Monahan at or (312) 515-1360 to find out more about our webcasting and multimedia services.

  • Live and on-demand webcasts
  • Digital audio/video editing
  • Logistics coordination and production management
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Full technical support
  • Years of experience streaming media online