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Web Site Design and Development

Clearly defined objectives and attentive project management lie at the core of every successful online endeavor. CADE's Web Design and Project Management group and Programming staff provide the creative vision and process oversight to ensure that web sites are developed according to their core objectives and maximize their impact following their launch. This process includes designing an engaging and user-friendly interface, incorporating a set of features that achieves the necessary functionality without distracting visitors from the site’s primary intent, and constructing a clear development plan to guide the project.

We provide the entire solution: graphic design, project management, editorial and copywriting services, brand and identity development, and integration with print collateral. We help our clients coalesce their ideas and clarify their objectives. We provide a thorough work process that reinforces intended outcomes through appropriate communication channels. We bring years of experience building sites for diverse internet audiences to every stage of development: assessment, planning, creation, delivery, and evaluation.

CADE creates standalone web sites for organizations, centers, schools and colleges. These can include static pages or dynamic, database-driven content. We also specialize in integrating interface design and functionality with online systems, media streaming, and research data collection and analysis.

Contact Colleen Monahan at or (312) 515-1360 to learn more about our web site design and development services.

  • Visual creativity and functional design
  • Fast downloads and cross-browser compatibility
  • Static and dynamic sites with tailored, targeted content
  • Web accessibility specialization
  • Seamless integration with learning systems, media, research analysis
  • Search engine optimization