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Research Data Management

Clients look to CADE for reliable online evaluation/survey systems, complex custom data entry tools and tools, and quality analysis and presentation of data. The Research Data Management (RDM) group specializes in these services and consults with principal investigators on how to optimize and enhance research plans, survey methods and data analysis. We provide advanced online statistical analysis, website creation, and result presentation to support research studies.

Our online data management services include SAS/IntrNet reporting for use in data cleaning and preliminary statistical analyses, and administrative databases to enhance data collection and provide real-time reporting. We develop SAS/IntrNet pages with a client interface to permit online data analysis, graphing and trend analysis.

CADE’s Survey Development Application generates user-friendly online multiple choice, all that apply, tabular, and open-ended questions. Built-in features include skip patterns and field entry validation.

In addition, hours of administrative labor have been saved with our quick, reliable, secure course evaluation system. Instructors and administrators create online evaluations that combine closed and open-ended questions. The system automatically sends email reminders (at administrator-determined frequencies) to those who still need to complete the evaluation, thus ensuring a high response rate. Results are available to administrators and instructors immediately at the conclusion of the evaluation period. Instructors receive email notification when the evaluations are available online. Special surveys can also be programmed through the system and sent to select groups of students or instructors.

For more information about CADE's data management services for research projects, contact

  • Automated data transfer
  • SAS/IntrNet reporting
  • Dynamic queries and analyses
  • Remote access for data entry, retrieval and reporting
  • Up-front data coding and data cleaning
  • Data backup and HIPAA guidelines for data security