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Distance Learning Development

CADE has extensive experience developing distance learning modules and applications. Our approach is customized to the specific training objectives of each project, rooted in learning sciences theory and cognitive approaches to human-computer interaction. CADE has developed web-based training on subjects ranging from pediatric oral health management, to BMI-for-age growth charts, to bioterrorism and emergency outbreak risk assessment, to genetics and family medicine, to women’s health and retail pharmacy. Our modules strategically blend text, graphics, multimedia, activities and self-assessment for users with varying learning styles. Constructing user pathways and interweaving instructional topics underlies our methodology for optimizing learning sequences.

CADE’s Learning Management Systems are web-based applications through which training content is delivered and managed. They provide functionality for cataloging and launching courses, registering users, tracking user progress and assessing user learning. CADE also builds registration systems—complete with personal logins and certification—and online quiz and survey composer applications.

For greater stand-alone portability, we develop self-starting CD-ROM training modules that don’t require internet connectivity. These CD-ROMs can contain graphics, video, self-assessment and resource toolkits and can be custom printed to match the branded identity of the learning campaign.

Contact Colleen Monahan at or (312) 515-1360 to find out more about distance learning development at CADE.

  • Close integration between design, development, programming and media
  • Usability, accessibility, quality assurance testing, user testing
  • Layout and design in support of communication objectives
  • Broad experience with various online educational, instructional and training environments