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Research Data Management

The Research Data Management group (RDM) assists in the online collection, storage, analysis, and presentation of data. The group supports research data projects through the development of database internet applications (such as online surveys, online data entry pages, and online mapping) and through the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) functionality. RDM provides customized online reporting, querying, and mapping tools with cutting-edge software such as SAS/IntrNet.

Funding agencies expect a well-organized data support system plan in research proposals. The RDM group assists clients in writing a customized plan. It also offers a comprehensive hardware/software/personnel infrastructure to satisfy the expectations of any granting agency.

RDM develops and programs electronic data collection systems, including online data entry forms and online surveys, that gather data into a Microsoft SQL Server database. Data collection forms are designed up front to include appropriate skip patterns and validation checks. This helps to ensure that the data is as clean and accurate as possible for later analysis.

Once data collection is complete, RDM utilizes the SAS/IntrNet server to program customized, dynamic statistical analyses and reports through a secure web page. This allows the client to perform queries and SAS analyses against their data without needing statistical software or programming skills.

For geographic data, RDM uses ESRI's ArcGIS suite of software to perform geocoding, geoprocessing, spatial queries, or geostatistical analysis to provide paper or published cartographic maps and complex datasets with geographic reference.

RDM can also provide a formatted and labeled final data set (in one of many file formats) to clients who wish to do their own analysis. The documentation necessary for data analysis is provided in the form of an online, searchable data dictionary that displays each variable name and type, as well as the values and codes associated with each variable.

Research Data Management group staff also:

  • Customize unique protocols for each project
  • Provide consultation and grant proposal support
  • Program secure websites
  • Offer extensive ArcGIS analysis for analyzing, integrating, and displaying data
  • Perform Thematic Mapping
  • Provide consultation on survey development
  • Create hierarchical data access for different staff levels
  • Convert data to and from many formats

Learn more about CADE's Research Data Management services on this web site, or for more information about CADE's data management services for research projects, contact