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Multimedia and Webcasting

The Multimedia and Webcasting group specializes in online audio-video streaming, live interactive presentation webcasting, remote location recording, and multimedia production for the web, DVD, CD-ROM, and video.

Multimedia and Webcasting provides full service multimedia development and delivery. These services include live webcasting, archived webcasts, conference recording and online archiving, video production and post-production. With close to a decade of webcasting experience, the crew specializes in audio-video codec optimization for internet delivery. The group also supplies audio recording services and remote field production.

Multimedia and Webcasting staff also:

  • Provide digital audio recording, sweetening and editing
  • Run live webcasts and create archived webcasts
  • Record remote events
  • Encode media using advanced compression techniques
  • Coordinate with the Network and Server Administration group on streaming media issues
  • Edit audio/video using digital non-linear AVID systems
  • Produce DVDs and CD-ROMs
  • Arrange and maintain ISDN and IP videoconferencing
  • Process and optimize presentation slides
  • Direct webcast events
  • Manage satellite downlinks
  • Oversee transcript and captioning processes
  • Stay abreast of contemporary AV issues and future trends
  • Code multimedia SMIL files
  • Script and storyboard projects
  • Generate titles and credits
  • Produce live events (lighting, camerawork, audio engineering, directing)