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Business Administration

The Business Administration group manages CADE’s financial analysis, project billing, staff development and resource administration.

The group is in charge of accounting and financing and runs reports through UIC’s Banner database system. Business Administration supervises the financial operations of the various groups within CADE. It also acts as the administrative linchpin between CADE and the School of Public Health , UIC, and our various clients and partners. Business Administration is responsible for CADE’s financial management and ensures that the Center’s revenue/expenditure ratio remains balanced.

Business Administration staff also:

  • Establish financial targets
  • Monitor fiscal performance
  • Undertake invoicing, billing and receiving
  • Approve and route contracts and grants
  • Ensure long-term financial sustainability and economic health
  • Provide cost management
  • Process Indirect Cost Rates
  • Explore new financial relationships and opportunities

Business Administration also performs most of the Human Resource and Organizational Management functions for CADE. These include:

  • Establish hiring procedures
  • Coordinate and resolve employment issues
  • Enforce and distribute UIC policies
  • Oversee legal issues
  • Spearhead staff development
  • Develop long term plans for organizational growth
  • Plan/assess/monitor organizational resources