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AMCHP Conference Archives

In these times of restricted travel budgets and busy schedules, conference organizers must turn to creative methods to overcome logistical headaches, raise attendance levels, and ensure that conference presentations have the desired impact. Face-to-face meetings permit networking and community building, but only for those who are present. Online conference archiving preserves presentations and sessions for future and absent audiences, thereby extending the lifespan and range of the conference objectives.

The Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP) annual meeting is a vital national gathering for administrators, policymakers, organizational representatives and family advocates engaged in maternal and child health issues. Following pre-production collaboration sessions with AMCHP’s conference planners, CADE’s Multimedia and Webcasting crew travels to the meeting and videotapes many of the plenaries and breakout sessions. Main sessions are recorded using multiple, switched cameras and mixed audio. Breakouts are captured using single operator digital video and audio recording equipment. For the benefit of those unable to attend in person, live webcasts are also provided for keynote occasions.

The session recordings are later encoded for the web and hosted on CADE’s Helix streaming media server. Transcripts of all recordings are generated and are made available, along with the presenters’ slides and the video of their presentations, from the conference web site. The site itself is professionally designed to represent the conference and sponsor themes and to provide users with easy navigation to the individual sessions. Accessibility to the conference resources for all visitors is held paramount.

In this way, the online conference archive becomes a valuable resource for the future that extends far beyond the live environment. It documents and preserves the latest Maternal and Child Health developments and provides the presentations in an engaging format designed for optimal audience impact. Many thousands of visitors come to the AMCHP conference web site every year, helping to enhance the reach of the Association’s mission. Testimony to the importance of these resources to the MCH community is evidenced by the fact that CADE has recorded and archived every AMCHP conference since 1999.

In addition to AMCHP, CADE records, archives and live webcasts a number of conferences and meetings each year. Examples include the ASPH 2003 Environmental Health Preconference Workshop on Urban Sprawl, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s Grantees/Partners meeting, the annual MCH Program Leadership Conference, the 2003 National Bioterrorism Hospital Preparedness Program Awardee Meeting, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s annual Maternal, Infants, and Child Health Epidemiology Workshop & Conference.


  • Expanded audience
  • Revisit missed sessions
  • Event documentation
  • High impact delivery
  • Free to visitors
  • Live or archived
  • Accessible and informative
  • Cost effective

For more information on how CADE can design and develop a web site for your organization, contact Jack Neuner at or (312) 413-2932.

AMCHP 2004 conference home page

AMCHP 2004 conference archive

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